Work Experience – Full Time Education

Tallis Amos Group Limited
All Depots and Departments, UK

Note, we only have availability for work experience in the Kemble, Narberth and Llanllwni depots until September 2024 due to popular demand and staff constraints.

Tallis Amos are committed to the grassroots growth of the next generation of John Deere specialists. We are offering work experience and have worked hard to ensure any student on work experience placement is given a great learning opportunity, not just in the depots but also in the process of learning how to get a job in the future.

We are acutely aware that those who apply to us for work experience are likely the next generation of our workforce and we want you to come out of the process with some skills that will benefit you and your career. We are also aware that students do not get this opportunity within the current curriculum and so our process is designed to be good practice for life after education.

With this in mind, we have created a program to deliver to students that we believe will be of benefit. It is important to give all placement students exposure to areas within our business that they might not have considered as a viable career path. All placement students will get work experience week with the following pattern:

  • 2x days Agricultural Service
  • 2x days Turf, Golf and Commercial Service
  • 1x days in Parts Department

The process will follow how you would be expected to apply for a job post study and we aim to give you some skills that will help grow your career.

  1. Application to work experience with CV and Cover Letter
  2. Introductory call to discuss the role and goals
  3. Interview on site with a hiring manager
  4. Offer stage
  5. Completion of work experience week
  6. Feedback on the experience

It is very important that applications are made by students so they are aware of the process and how we organise our experience placements.

If you are interested in hearing more about how and why we offer work experience in this way please do give Recruitment Coordinator Guy Bunting a call on 07507671283 or, if you are ready to apply, please click the apply for this job link and begin your journey with us.